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(Torque Release Technique)

Dr. Naeema has certified advanced proficiency in Torque Release Technique, which research has demonstrated to be the most specific and reproducible chiropractic technique in the world. Torque Release is the first chiropractic technique of the new millennium and allows practice members of any age to experience the greatest results possible through a gentle approach that does not involve any twisting, “popping,” or “cracking” of the spine.

Torque Release Technique was developed as part of scientific research on the health benefits of chiropractic. It is a mixture of the best-of-the-best systems of chiropractic assessment and care. Research published in the prestigious Journal of Nature and Molecular Psychiatry showed a dramatic reduction in anxiety and depression levels and improved measurements of well-being through Torque Release Chiropractic care.

How TRT helps your spine

TRT uses minimal force in spinal adjustment, which releases tension and pressure, and enables the nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body more effectively from the brain all the way down the spine and throughout the entire body system. In plain terms, it encourages the body to heal and correct itself in the long term, providing improved relief and health.




Webster Technique

Dr. Naeema is Webster certified from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Created by Dr. Larry Webster, the Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis which identifies sacral misalignments and corrects these imbalances to restore healthy functioning to the muscles and ligament in a mother’s pelvis. Research shows that sacral (the bone you sit on) misalignments, when left untreated can lead to painful or difficult labor for the mother, inadequate uterine function or baby mal-presentation (such as breech or transverse position). Our mission is to educate ALL pregnant moms that pain in pregnancy is not a “natural’ consequence and may very well be eliminated. We are passionate about educating moms on her ever-changing pelvis and how gentle chiropractic care from a Webster Certified Chiropractor can correct these sacral misalignments to restore balance and healthy functioning throughout pregnancy

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