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We believe your body is designed to be 100% healthy! We are here to show you how important your health is to us. We will welcome you into our family and always make you our priority. We believe that everyone deserves health care that treats them as a whole person; so we listen to your concerns, identify your needs and educate you on what true health is. We help you reach your health goals by utilizing our advanced technology to create specific treatment options for you. Our commitment is to give you the very best service and care that we can possibly deliver. We continually strive to serve in excellence. Our fundamental belief is to build long lasting relationships based in trust, so we can serve you, your family and friends for generations to come.

We strive to always incorporate the latest research and technology and to utilize evidence-based practice to give you the most advanced, specific and scientific chiropractic care available today.

We believe that our bodies are extraordinary, yet nerve interference prevents us from being 100% healthy. Pain is not an Advil deficiency. Gently removing nerve interference allows our bodies to express true health. With health restored, you can unlock your God given potential and achieve greatness!  We are here to create legacies of health! It’s time to transform health care. Together. Join us in living an Elevated Life!

What Our Practice Members Say

  • Prenatal adjustments have helped my lower back pain and round ligament pain tremendously! It has also given me piece of mind that my pelvis is aligned for ideal passage of baby.

    ~ Natassia

  • Since my first visit, Dr. Naeema has helped me with my headaches, low back pain as well as my son’s ear infections! He hasn’t had one since starting care six months ago 😊 

    ~ Mike

  • I work anywhere from 8-16 hours a day. I could not bear to turn my head. Dr. Naeema adjusts my body back to where it should be so I can function better.

    ~ Jason

  • Chiropractic care has helped my overall health tremendously! And it has helped save my gymnastics career.

    ~ Blake

  • I work anywhere from 8-16 hours a day. I could not bear to turn my head. Dr. Naeema adjusts my body back to where it should be so I can function better.

    ~ Pracilla

  • Since coming to Elevate Family Chiropractic, I have experienced less pain and pressure on my lower back. EFC has great customer service and I always leave with a smile😊

  • Neck stiffness is not a huge issue for me anymore!! The positive energy and welcoming vibe, I am more than certain has played a role in the overall balance that I am now experiencing!

    ~ Kema

  • Chiropractic care has helped me focus more on the football field and helped with my flexibility and movement

    ~ BJ

  • I am very pleased with the care I have received. Ive already noticed an improvement in my health. I highly recommend Elevate Family Chiropractic!

    ~ Artelida

  • Chiropractic care has greatly benefitted my overall wellbeing and drastically reduced my back pain!

    ~ Steven

  • Much to my surprise my debilitating hemorrhoids and horrific menstrual cycles are gone! I don’t miss work or school anymore and have completely stopping popping loads of Ibuprofen every month! I have my life back!!

    ~ Chenoa

  • Chiropractic care has benefitted me in so many ways! It was a big relief when I was sick. It has helped me to sleep better. I feel my overall quality of life is better! I miss my adjustments when I don’t come!

  • Chiropractic care is a great addition to my workout routine. The adjustments keep my body in perfect condition to do the heavy lifting I enjoy.

  • I was able to go on vacation after a car accident with less pain! I have learned how to stretch correctly so my body functions better

    ~ Silvio

  • I have suffered with consistent lower back pain for years. Its now gone! Thanks Dr. Naeema

    ~ Paul

  • As a hair stylist, I stand for hours a day. Dr. Naeema has helped relieve neck pain, lessen my migraines /headaches and low back pain. My posture has improved drastically! Love! Love! Love EFC!

    ~ Kristen

    We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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    Chiropractic has freed me from ear infections and pain
    We originally brought our toddler son in to see Dr Naeema because of chronic ear infections. James was only days away from having ear tube surgery scheduled. But after only 2 adjustments, the ENT specialist said he no longer needed surgery! What a huge blessing! Now our entire family is under care and we LOVE it!
    ~ Cristy


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