Stress free mama, stress free baby

Here are 4 keys to a stress-free pregnancy.

Or, at least a greatly reduced stress level. We are still human, after all.

1) Chiropractic care!

You knew this one was coming.

Communication throughout the body, alignment of the spine, encouraged pelvic positions. Reduced migraines, swelling, brain fog. It can even lead to shorter labors.

There isn’t a documented downside to getting chiro care while expecting.

2) Talk it out

Vocally expressing trains of thought can help sort through muddled ideas or fears. It doesn’t hurt to walk through those thoughts with someone so they aren’t cluttering up your mind and mixing anxiety into a cocktail for your little passenger.

3) Exercise

I know, I know. It can be tough to get moving while pregnant.

But staying active, within reason, can greatly reduce stress and taxing chemicals in your body. Not to mention the mobility will help baby move, too. Stretching and breathing correctly can do wonders for your stress levels and motivation.

4) Assemble a stellar birth support team

Be that a trusted friend, family member, or a doula. Midwives and chiropractors add an extra layer of support that brings peace and security to any pregnancy. You could even bring in one of each if you so wish. You can never have too much support.

There we have it. 4 ways to reduce your stress as the big day approaches.

Come see us at Elevate Family Chiropractic, and take it one step further by letting us build a personal care plan for you.


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