Sleeping positions while pregnant: What’s the big deal?

Oh, sleep. You elusive trickster. It can be hard to get comfortable with a baby in your womb, making a ruckus. Let alone get that coveted 7 hours.

Here is the best sleeping position recommended for expecting mothers, and a few tips.

  1. SOS. The classic Sleep on Side. Though some may want to raise the white flag and call out SOS, it can be much more beneficial to follow the position guidelines. Your left side is the best bet. Add in a pillow between bent knees, and your golden.
  2. The old standbys apply here as well: stay hydrated, stay away from sugar and caffeine, don’t sleep on your back or stomach, and keep your body in good communications with regular chiro care.
  3. When you’re with child your organs are under a lot of pressure, and putting more stress on them than necessary is unfavored. That’s why some positions are frowned upon. However, turning onto your back during the night will not harm you or baby irreversibly.

Pillows are your new best friend. If you haven’t become familiar with the “Pillow Wedge” approach yet, you may want to start getting acquainted. Pillows can serve as guides during the night, to help you stay in a good position.

It can be rough out there in the darkness, but just think about how good it will feel to hold that baby when it’s all done with. And along with that comes the bliss of full mobility while getting the trace amounts of rest you can with a newborn in the house.

Hang in there!


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