Pregnancy: What’s all the discomfort about?

The day begins full of possibilities. You get up with a fresh sense of resolve, ready to take on anything that comes your way.

The first warning flag is the stiffness in your neck. You shake it off, ignore it, everyone has neck discomfort while they’re pregnant, right?

Strike two of the day: your lower back seizes up. You have to sit down for a minute to regain your strength. You rest a hand on your stomach. “It’s nothing. It’s normal for this trimester.” You think, gritting your teeth as you go about your life. Strike three: The tight pain radiating down your spine and into your hips, seeming to slow you down without apparent reason. Again, you push forward, because your best friend told you all about sciatic pain. Just something you’ll have to accept about pregnancy, she had said.

What if I told you that these scenarios do not have to be your constant companions?

They are common because most don’t seek care for them; it’s expected. Just because something is common does not mean it’s normal. Your aches and pains are not an Advil deficiency. The pressure your body is under during pregnancy is extensive, from morning sickness to Braxton hicks contractions, you’re under consistent preparation.

You don’t have to accept discomfort as the standard. Growing a new human life is no light matter, but the weight of it does not have to mean the end of your comfort.

At Elevate Family Chiropractic, we seek to dig deep with our care and to listen to what your body is saying. We design a personalized plan that is for you, to benefit you, and to encourage long-lasting health.

Pain management? We don’t know her.

At EFC, we don’t manage pain. We uproot it from the core and iron out what ails you with precise care and a listening ear. Level up your pregnancy experience, take care of yourself so you may better care for your precious new life. Kick the standard to the ceiling.

Come see us. We would love to help.


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