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“A healthy man has a 1,000 wishes but a sick man only has 1”

We are very proud of the many success stories we see from our practice members
who suffered with common physical ailments such as:

Neck pain 
Back pain 

Extremity Numbness
Sciatic pain 
Joint pain 
Hip pain

Bear in mind that all those nerves causing the pain listed above also control our vital organ systems. When there is interference with the nerves then dysfunction sets in. When your nervous system is functioning optimally, then it only makes sense that all the organ systems will function better too!

We see our practice member’s health function improve with:

High Blood Pressure
Digestive Issues
Acid Reflux
Chronic Sinus Issues

Adult Adjustment 1
Families 70
Tia And Miisha V3
Adjusting V3

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