First Time Mamas

Maybe you feel like everything is going to fast, and you’re not sure how to catch up. Or maybe you feel unqualified to be bringing a child into the world.

Let me offer you some encouragement today.

This baby knows your voice, they know your heartbeat, they will always remember somewhere in the back of their mind that you are their mother. No one can be a parent to this child the way that you can; I say that in the best way possible, referring to the unique bond that biological parents share with their children, not to discount adoptive parents.

You are qualified because you are willing to do what is necessary to ensure a healthy life for your kiddo, to pour love into them and to guide them. To cherish them and to teach them.

Being pregnant is a time of head-spinning changes and hormones. And sometimes, those chemicals trick us into thinking we can’t handle it.

They make us feel as though we’re unfit to raise the life inside of us.

Don’t listen to those voices of doubt and anxiety.

You can do this. Young or old, alone or coupled.

Because that’s your kid, and they will be worth every sleepless night, every swollen limb, and every appointment.

Here at Elevate Family Chiropractic, we believe in the power of the body to heal and restore itself with the proper attention and care.

Along with that comes a balance of the mind, and a settling of the heart.

You can do this.


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