Doulas, midwives, and gynecologists: What’s the difference?

Here is a quick breakdown of what each title brings to the table.

Doulas: A companion to the entire family that relieves stress, brings confidence, and ensures a smooth delivery by being steady and involved with the family’s lives during and after labor. Emotional support and presence that is beneficial to the whole family.

Midwives: Someone who aids the mother during labor and watches for signs and milestones, encourages proper preparation during pregnancy, and is on call for any alarms. They will also watch for warning signs and keep track of possible complications.

Gynecologists: Ultrasounds, check-ups, and the allopathic side of pregnancy.

Of course, each role is important in its own way, and there is some overlap.

The thing they should all have in common is the desire and passion for ensuring safe, healthy deliveries for mother and child.

The people you surround yourself with for support have a big impact on your pregnancy, no doubt.

That’s why we compiled a reliable network of birth support here at Elevate Family Chiropractic. People you can trust, and sources you can follow up with.

Come and see us. Everyone deserves support during their pregnancy.


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