Connection and Care

We talk a lot about having good communication through your nervous system and how that translates to your overall health.

Today, let’s cover how that improves your relationship with the wee one in your womb.

The line of communication between fetus and mother is a strong one but can be muddled by a number of outside influences and internal dialect.

When you take good care of yourself that automatically translates to a better connection with your baby!

Did you know that babies subconsciously remember traumas and events that happen before they are born?

Even before birth, they are gathering information about the outside world. This shapes how they develop in ways we don’t fully understand yet.

Your baby can hear you, feel your emotions, cry, be afraid, and respond to shifts in moods. They feel music and laughter–vibrations, warmth, the difference between voices.

As you go through each trimester, take care of your surroundings. Remember that your external health and the atmosphere impacts your baby as much as internal factors do.

Take care of yourself, and communicate with your little one, even when they can’t yet open their eyes or speak.

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