Author: Dr Naeema Olatunji

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Is it necessary?

If you’re a parent you know the struggle of making sure your kiddo has everything they need; love, nutrients, a soft place to rest, stimulation, etc. It can feel like a long list. My question to you is this: do you know the condition of their spine and nervous system? As parents, you may be able to...

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Pregnancy: What’s all the discomfort about?

The day begins full of possibilities. You get up with a fresh sense of resolve, ready to take on anything that comes your way. The first warning flag is the stiffness in your neck. You shake it off, ignore it, everyone has neck discomfort while they’re pregnant, right? Strike two of the day: your...

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WHY CHIROPRACTIC? My journey to becoming a Chiropractor sprouted its roots decades ago. Originally from southern California, I was raised in a house where food was naturally organic and always home grown. My background has a long love affair with natural childbirth, beginning with the home birth of...

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