Author: Dr Naeema Olatunji

Connection and Care

We talk a lot about having good communication through your nervous system and how that translates to your overall health. Today, let's cover how that improves your relationship with the wee one in your womb. The line of communication between fetus and mother is a strong one but can be muddled...

Stress free mama, stress free baby

Here are 4 keys to a stress-free pregnancy. Or, at least a greatly reduced stress level. We are still human, after all. 1) Chiropractic care! You knew this one was coming. Communication throughout the body, alignment of the spine, encouraged pelvic positions. Reduced migraines, swelling,...

First Time Mamas

Maybe you feel like everything is going to fast, and you're not sure how to catch up. Or maybe you feel unqualified to be bringing a child into the world. Let me offer you some encouragement today. This baby knows your voice, they know your heartbeat, they will always remember somewhere in the...

Sleeping positions while pregnant: What’s the big deal?

Oh, sleep. You elusive trickster. It can be hard to get comfortable with a baby in your womb, making a ruckus. Let alone get that coveted 7 hours. Here is the best sleeping position recommended for expecting mothers, and a few tips. SOS. The classic Sleep on Side. Though some may want to raise...

Doulas, midwives, and gynecologists: What’s the difference?

Here is a quick breakdown of what each title brings to the table. Doulas: A companion to the entire family that relieves stress, brings confidence, and ensures a smooth delivery by being steady and involved with the family’s lives during and after labor. Emotional support and presence that is beneficial...


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